Trevor Henson/Bass Guitar

Trevor Henson Bio

At the age of 12, a bass guitar was given to me by my father who started to teach me the basics of how it was played. I learned song structure, technics, and some basic songs at the start. He was a very accomplished bass and guitar player himself, so it was quite convenient for me to learn quickly. Within a few years, I was on stage playing with him at private functions, hall parties, and family gatherings. We did this on and off for a few years as I was not really a fan of what we were performing. I wanted to play hard rock, and heavy metal. From then, most of my playing was just on my own learning cover songs, and many months of not even picking up my bass.

In 1999 I came across Jason Frey and Paul Geerts through a mutual friend. They were looking for a bass player, and I decided to see if I could get back into playing with other musicians. We hit it off instantly, and soon were on stage playing top 40 rock. The Throws of Passion was born. Over the next couple of years, we wrote and recorded some original music, and gigged at local watering holes.

Over time, Jason and I played in a few other bands together with a rotation of singers and guitar players. In about 2004-2005, we found ourselves back in the studio with a band called Dead Ring. We progressed into a very hard metal sound, and had a lot of fun with it. At this time in life, I was married, and had 2 young children, Tyler, and Sarah. Committing the time to the band was getting hard, and the marriage was not working. I ended up leaving the music behind for several years to raise my children, and concentrate on my career in the construction industry. I still kept up my playing in hopes to one day get back in.

 As my kids grew older, I met my current “government appointed spouse” Joanne. We had a baby girl together in 2011. Her name is Katie. As time went on, Jason and I kept in touch, and often talked about starting another band when our kids were at a certain age.

In the summer of 2015, Jason, his brother Kevin, and myself start jamming on a few of the many songs Kevin had written, and cover songs he knew. In a couple of short months, we were on stage playing a set for a Halloween gig. The band Thistle was formed. We put together a combination of original, and cover songs, and started playing local venues. Before long, we were in the studio recording our current CD “blood and bone”. With a bit of discussion, we agreed that our sound needed a second guitar player. Just so happened that a long time friend of ours, walked into a show we were playing, and took the job. Steve Findlay was an instant fit, and a huge boost to our sound.

At this time in my life, my dad was very ill. He passed away in April, and was a huge blow to me. We had a show to play a few days after he passed, and I was not sure I could do it. He would not have wanted me to stay home. I went on stage that night, and played hard..for him.

Being in Thistle, has been an amazing time so far. I have made a great amount of friends, and perhaps a few fans. Every time I hit the stage, I treat it like it is my last.

 Trevor Henson