Tania Ribeiro/Back Up Vocals/Singer/Tamborine/Harmonica

Tania Ribeiro

This singer-songwriter isn’t your typical musician. From her background to her sound you can judge for yourself.

Born in Portugal, her family immigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada when she was twelve. At a very young age Tania had a passion for music. After entering a talent show, she knew that she wanted to pursue a music career. When her family decided to relocate to the Okanagan, British Columbia, Tania continued her studies. Multi-lingual in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish she can sing in these languages as well.

Alberta was the next place where she called home. After years of singing at karaoke bars, it wasn’t until she had a chance to sing with a live band that it changed everything. At that moment she knew she wanted to be part of something greater.

When opportunity came, she went down to Nashville, Tennessee. New connections were made in the industry when she started co-writing with others. This brought a new level of writing as she’d been writing from a young age, but hadn’t taken it seriously until then. Tania’s songwriting style was brought up by listening to so many different genres of music, from Rock, Pop, Latin, Country, R&B.

Singing on the Broadway stages in Nashville with an upcoming musician was one of her highlights. She also collaborated with other artists by backing up vocals on their live shows, tracks and demos. She also worked on her own project herself with the help of friends, musicians and producers.

Since Tania’s return to Edmonton, she’s met a lot of musicians, songwriters, and artists that helped shape her newfound love for music. She’s also part of songwriter circles and groups that allow her to expand her songwriting.

She’s currently songwriting with local artists and working on their new up coming albums due out in the New Year.

Her lifetime goal is to write a timeless song that will be sang for ages to come even after she’s gone. Of course you could also throw in there a Grammy award or two.