Henry Geerts

I grew up in Ontario and started playing guitar as a teenager. Played a cheap, beat up acoustic on the school bus and jammed with friends on every special event day during high school. After high school I formed a trio and we played as a house band in a small local bar on the weekends, as well as weddings and other parties. That is where I met my wife Donna who sang with us at the time. Eventually shift work, marriage, kids and responsibilities pushed my rock star ambitions to reality but I never stopped playing for my own enjoyment.

Now, many years later, Jason and Trevor who at one time played in a band with my son, asked me to fill in on guitar when another member left. So here I am, learning the original songs on the CD, sharing some cover songs and trying to add some classic rock and blues riffs to the overall sound of the band. It is great to be playing with other musicians again.